We would like to introduce MGTC to you as one of the leading organizations for providing technical trading services and solutions. MGTC is a member of Aal Taher Group of Companies with headquarters in Jeddah and branches throughout the Kingdom.
Welcome to Marketing & General Trading Co. (MGTC), a Member of Aal Taher Group
MGTC is a leading technical trading services and solutions provider based in Jeddah with branches established throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are specialized in dealing with all kind of mechanical, electrical and allied engineering spare parts and equipments.

As a member of Aal Taher Group of Companies, renowned for their contributions to the economic development & diversification of the Kingdom, MGTC enjoys close relationship with a vast number of esteemed international corporations located around the world including those in the USA, Europe & Japan.

With more than 20 years of experience and dedicated work of our trained staff to handle all kind of requests, we are confident and committed to satisfy the needs of our customers often exceed their expectations. More>>

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